The Company

MS4ALL (“Molecular Simulation for All”) is a Deeptech Start-Up with high growth potential that provides software solutions on the cloud in SaaS mode and expertise in the field of molecular simulation. Coming from CNRS and the University of Orléans, the company is founded by a team with many years of experience in simulation within research organizations or major software editors. Our ambition is to push the boundaries of digital simulation and make it available to the greatest number of engineers and researchers, industrials and academics.

Our Mission

The democratization of molecular simulation is the mission we have given ourselves. In materials, by making easy-to-use applications available on the cloud to create virtually all types of materials at the molecular and supramolecular levels, to simulate their behavior and to extract their properties. In the field of the environment, to evaluate innovative treatments for air or water pollution control. In energy, to develop more efficient batteries or fuel cells.

Our Vision

The development of innovative materials or treatments is a growing field for all industries, and the stakes have never been higher. R&D specifications are becoming so demanding that purely empirical (experimental) approaches alone do not make it possible to identify the right elementary constituents of new target materials. Simulation approaches, particularly at the molecular and supramolecular levels, make it possible to virtually screen a large number of formulations in order to only test the most promising once.


The founders each bring experience and know-how in complementary fields. Experience in business management and creation, software development and/or molecular simulation. The 3 co-founders all come from digital simulation and share the same vision on its major impact and on the company's mission to make it accessible to as many people as possible.

Edouard Lété, MS

Co-founder, CEO

Nicolas Froloff, PhD

Co-founder, CTO

Pascal Brault, PhD, HDR

Co-founder, CSO